The Automatic Grain Analyzer

With MATT, our team tries to provide a single, one time solution to the core problems of crop quality assessment. MATT comes with the path-breaking ability to assess a crop sample in under a minute, which is 10 times faster than a skilled chemist, and produces results that are more reliable and repeatable. MATT has been designed keeping in mind the problems of agriculture trading in India.We address problems like farmers not getting correct prices, traders getting inappropriate products and exporters being unsure of product quality.

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MATT has been conceptualized to deliver the best results, while taking into account the existing practices.

Made for India

MATT has been designed to operate in low-resource conditions similar to those found in Indian mandis. It has a low power requirement and can function offline as well.

Deep Learning

MATT uses advanced computer vision and deep learning algorithms to classify grain samples and produce results as per AGMARK, BIS or any other standard.

IoT Device

MATT has been designed to seamlessly connect with any service over a network. It can be connected to an emandi, commodity exchange or any such internet portal.

Unimaginably Fast and Reliable

MATT cuts down assaying time by more than 90% when compared to manual assaying procedures and produces reproducable results that are inherently reliable.

Vernacular Operation

From user interface to report generation, MATT provides built in support for Indian languages.

Highly Scalable

MATT’s framework has been designed to grow exponentially. Addition of new crop or new quality parameters is seamless.

About Us

Technology For India

We are a group of enterprisers who wish to develop technological solutions to problems in an Indian context. At Nebulaa, we are on a journey to create ‘ Technology for India’. We believe in using automation for making processes more efficient and affordable.

We take the technology that powers self driving cars and comet mining bots, and apply it in the Indian context to empower the last person. With the right amalgamation of technology and execution our team has started our contribution in the formation of a new India. This is the beginning and we are the nebulae.

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Yogesh Gupta

Algorithms, Optimization


Tanmay Sethi

Problem Solving & Brand Building


Mohit Dadhich

Ideation & Product Development


Tapish Rathore

Machine Learning Applications

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