Majority of Indian farmers are still unaware of the quality pricing criteria. This especially includes the small and middle category farmer whose dependence on the harvest is very high and urgent as well. This causes them to sell at the price the buyer will offer. It is highly optimistic for us to hope that the buyer will offer the right price to a farmer who is unaware of their right. MATT comes handy to the farmer so that he/she can assess the quality of their product. This way we empower the bargaining power of these people.

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With the dilution of APMC acts, the possibility to make agri trade online marketplace has become real. The steps taken by the central government and few state governments in this process is commendable. But as the online marketplace lacks the possibility to personally judge the sample before buying, it needs a way to convey the quality of commodity that a seller is offering to the buyer. It becomes crucial at a juncture when the crop price can increase more than to its double based on its quality. With MATT in emandi setup, the trader can easily assess the commodity being sold and can offer price accordingly.

MATT can be scaled to all commodities. But considering the initial hardware requirements, we only have restricted ourselves to small cereals, pulses etc.

The hardware device is customized and calibrated scanning device that captures the image and sends it to further process.