The Automatic Grain Analyser

MATT has been designed considering the pain of entire agricultural market in India. Farmers not getting correct prices, traders getting inappropriate products, exporters being unsure of product acceptance and consumers being unsure of variety they are buying. With MATT all these are all but over. Just put the sample of commodity in MATT and within 1 minute it will give you entire analysis of the product. Backed with the prowess of Deep Learning it serves 20 times faster than the most skilled chemist and produces results that are far more reliable and repeatable.

Matt Features

Artificial Eye

Just like the eyes of the most skilled chemist, MATT can assess morphology based features of all grains and can produce results as per AGMARK, BIS, CODEX or any other standards.

IoT Device

MATT is designed with a penchant to live Hon’ble Prime Minister’s dream of making agri trading digital. It can be linked with emandi, commodity exchange or any such internet wide portal.

Made for India

MATT has been designed to work in harsh conditions of Indian mandis. It can work with very low power consumption and with no internet as well.

Unimaginably Fast

MATT can cut down the time of assaying by more than 90% while improving the reliability of results.

Vernacular Operation

From operation to generation final result MATT can support Indian languages as well. The results can be produced just by 2 clicks and needs no expertise at all.

Highly Scalable-

MATT’s framework has been designed to grow exponentially. Addition of new crop or new quality parameters can be done very quickly.

About US

About Nebulaa

We are a bunch of disruptors who have always used technology to change the age-old practices. We really believe in the worship of technology for revamping how things work. Over here we are on a journey to create ‘ Technology for India’. Technology that goes down to uplift the remotest in the society. Technology because of whose absence, majority of Indians are still in the darkness of poverty and absence of basic life necessities.

With the world moving towards self driving cars to comet mining bots, we want these highly advanced technical practices to empower the last person. With the right amalgamation of technology and execution we have started our contribution in the formation of the new India. This is the beginning and we are its Nebula.

As a student when the examiner would give uneven marks for same answers, it used to boil our blood. This unfairness is just not accepted. But lately we realised that millions of people face this unfairness every day. The return that a farmer gets for their hard work depends on some reviewer who was in bad mood and had it been some other day, they would have fetched more money for same product. We know that the world is not fair, but this is our effort to make it bit fairer.

We aim to reach a point where every single agri transaction happens with real quality test. A certificate that gives a farmer true honor of their effort. A chance where the trader can test all possible lot from the nation on same scale. A state of transaction with quality data analytics where a test can tell what the produce should be used for. Let MATT choose the best food for us. We believe in-

One Nation, One Assessment

Our Achievements!

MATT demonstrated to Hon'ble PM at Pravasi Bhartiya Diwas 2017

MATT Pilot at AMC Mahbubnagar, Telangana

Nebulaa Selected in Google's Solve for India

MATT Pilot at Badepally, Telangana

Selected among top 20 social startup by MEA & NITI Aayog

Winners Ideate at Rajasthan Startup Fest

The Team


Yogesh Gupta


Tanmay Sethi


Mohit Dadhich